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Superior Heating & Air Limited Warranty

& No Break Down Guarantee

Your COMFORT System comes with a standard limited warranty from the manufacturer. Although it will cover most of your HVAC problems, it will not cover everything. Any new system & components we install will have a Parts & Labor warranty for the first year. The warranty on your system starts from the day it was installed in your home. The limited warranty does not cover failure of the system caused by damage while in your possession, damage caused by unreasonable use and/or damage from failing to properly maintain your unit. When scheduling service for problems or regular maintenance, like the Customer Care Agreement program, it is important to remember that having the system serviced by unauthorized service providers or doing work yourself can void the warranty on your system. Also remember that Superior is not responsible for water damage to your home of any kind, water damage to your home caused by a failing part, or damage to your home caused by clogged drains, dirty filters, improper maintenance or neglect of your HVAC system.

Don't Forget: In order to guarantee the warranty stays in place and valid, the manufacture requires that it be serviced at least once a year by a licenses HVAC Specialist.
On Tme, On Right, or One Us "Guarantee"

The "On Time" means that if we do not arrive within the allotted time frame given to you by our dispatch office (usually a 2 hour window), we will waive the diagnostic fee ("On Us"). This does not apply if we were able to change the appointment time with you 2 hours or more prior to your assigned call time.

The "On Right" Means that if we fail to install a part correctly or install the wrong part, we will not make you pay for the repair ("On Us").

Demand service calls & time of a maintenance repair warranty's (Excluding New Equipment Installed by Superior)

All repairs made to existing equipment come with a 30 Day Parts & Labor warranty.

All repairs made to existing equipment that is maintained with a current Customer Care Maintenance plan will receive an extended 2 year Parts & labor warranty.

Demand Service Repair warranty's (On New Equipment Installed by Superior)

This is your Manufacture Limited & Extended Warranty Service Contract & No Break Down Guarantee. Please place this Contract in a safe place. You will need it in the event that service is required.
Parts Only & No Break Down Guarantee terms and conditions are listed in detail below and will apply for the time period listed above. In short it will cover all: Parts directly related to the equipment being replaced and if covered by a no break down guarantee is will also cover all labor needed to replace the coved parts except…

No Break Down Guarantee Will not cover:

After hours repairs, $50 An hour for warranty repairs requested to be repaired after normal business hours
$50 Deductible during normal business hours or $99 After hours deductible
Shipping & Handling if necessary
Refrigerant or Refrigerant disposal (refrigerant prices fluctuate daily)
Maintenance related items not limited to: Clogged drains, dirty filters or routine maintenance
Existing conditions
Equipment or wiring outside of the new equipment including but not limited to: well pumps or well accessories, High voltage wires breakers & disconnects, low voltage wiring, copper line sets or ductwork
3rd party related service including but not limited to well drillers or crane

117% Money Back Guarantee With Disclaimer:

If you are unsatisfied with any repair we make within 1 year of the work and we cannot come to terms on a satisfactory agreement by both parties we will credit you back 117% of your investment. However, in an effort to protect us from the unscrupulous customer that may try and take advantage of this offer we reserve the right to require the return of said part in order to receive the 117% back.

For Terms and Conditions, click here.