Spreading Cleanliness and Care Within Our Community

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March 11, 2020
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June 10, 2020


We understand the coronavirus is a serious health concern for our community.  During these uncertain times, Superior Services offers clients peace of mind.  With our knowledge, skill, training, resources and real-world experiences, Superior Services has developed a solution to resolve compelling indoor health concerns. We have created a new chemical fogging machine capable of cleaning large buildings in a timely manner. Our new fogging process aims to prevent viral germs from living on common surfaces within both homes and businesses in which we live, work and welcome others. Our fogger benefits all people using shared indoor spaces by offering a healthier, cleaner environment within minutes.

Our fogger spreads an EPA friendly disinfectant aerosol specifically created by Superior Services. The machine is capable of misting any size building, dispersing the disinfectant aerosol throughout the space to reduce, sanitize, and kill off contaminates.  This innovative equipment supersaturates the atmosphere allowing the disinfectant to travel in all areas throughout the building both safe and effectively. As the disinfectant binds with air particles, the aerosol becomes capable of reaching areas that are difficult for normal wipe downs. This includes lighting fixtures, air ducts, high windows, vaulted ceilings and all out of reach home or office nuances.

Ultimately, our fogger creates a blanket of sterilization that settles on all surfaces. It sanitizes in 10 seconds, disinfects in 45 seconds, and kills fungus in 3 minutes; thereby preventing the transmission of potential contaminants from surfaces to individuals. High risk buildings, such as offices, schools, gyms and retail stores need a time-efficient and thorough disinfectant. Our fogging machine quickly kills germs on desks, chairs, office supplies, workout equipment, clothing, apparel, shopping carts etc.

Medical experts have stated that COVID-19 can remain viable on metallic surfaces for up to nine days. After fogging the entire building, our team gives an extra wipe down on all commonly touched metallic surfaces such as water fountains, railings, door handles, microwaves, refrigerator handles, stoves, washing machine lids, and other types of appliances with additional disinfectant. Our team also takes the extra time to wipe down commonly touched surfaces that we aren’t used to thinking about. From tabletops, to doorknobs, to children’s toys, there are so many surfaces people touch on a daily basis.

We want to partner with our community to protect all our neighbors and keep this virus from damaging our tourism industry.