Hilton Head Heating & Air Conditioning Split-Systems

If you need an air conditioning and heating system installed for your home in the Hilton Head or Charleston area, Superior Heating and Air Inc. can find you a great deal on a split-system that takes care of all your home indoor air comfort needs. The split-system is the most common type of central air system that takes care of both heating and cooling your home. The split-system consists of both an indoor and outdoor component. The condenser is located outdoors while the furnace and coil or air handler is located inside.

With our Hilton Head split systems, you can pair a furnace or an air handler with you air conditioner depending on what your particular needs are, your home size, space, and layout, and the weather patterns of the area. The split-system with an air handler could be the all-inclusive solution for Hilton Head area homes. If you feel you need more heat, we can install heat strips to your air handler. For colder climates, the furnace would be better suited. The split-system is the most common type of central air system. They consist of both an indoor and outdoor unit. If you see an outdoor unit and you also have an indoor unit, it's a split-system.

Superior Heating and Air Inc. is the Hilton Head air conditioning company who can give you the best options for your home. We can design and build a new package system or we can repair yours if you have problems. We also have a great maintenance plan to help keep your split-system or package system in great working order. Maintaining your heating and air conditioning equipment gives you longer lasting equipment and the most in energy savings.

The weather in the Hilton Head, SC and Charleston, SC areas can be very hot and humid. With the right air conditioning, heating, duct system, and humidification equipment, your indoor air can be completely automatically controlled. New construction for Hilton Head homes is the best possible time to get your split-system and other air quality control systems installed. In homes that are already built, space may be needed from elsewhere to get it installed. Call our expert air conditioning and heating contractors today to discuss your split system installation or replacement needs.

Split-Systems A/C & Heat Pumps

Split Systems hilton head scThe split-system can consist of a heat pump that will both heat and cool your Hilton Head area home. The heat pump transfers energy instead of creating it. Through refrigerant, the heat is transferred into and out of your home with a heat pump split-system. This is an energy efficient solution for homes located in areas where it rarely drops below freezing. Take a look at how our Superior Air split systems with heat pumps compare to other systems. Compare Systems

Split-Systems Gas & Hybrid

gas hybrid split systems hilton head scA split-system gas hybrid unit combines the use of a heat pump for heating during mild cold weather. It will automatically switch to gas heat which can warm the home more when temperatures get down to below freezing. This type of split-system is wonderful for large homes to quickly warm up the air. Compare Systems

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