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Get with today's technology to save energy! Ask us about heated flooring! Heated flooring installations are the new rave, and heating contractor, we will be happy to fill you in on all the latest products and information. You won't need to use a heating system because heated flooring gives off great radiant heat that's very efficient. With this type of radiant heating, your floors, walls, and air will be warm and comfy - all while saving energy! Radiant floor heating is a great investment for homeowners . Superior Heating and Air Inc. is happy to provide optimum solutions for heating like this in Hilton Head, Charleston, and the surrounding areas. We'll be glad to give you an estimate for the cost of installing heated flooring in your home, even if you're just thinking about putting it in a small bathroom. We are sure you'll love the cozy feeling heated floors provide. Just imagine it - no more cold, chilly tile or wood flooring! Your bare feet will thank you.

Heated Flooring Installation

New homes today are being customized with heated floors so the owners don't have to use their heater as much - and in many cases at all. In areas of the country where winters are mild, rarely dropping below freezing, heated floors can be the only system needed to heat a home. But many still use heated floors as a supplemental system to take the load off the primary heating source. For climates that do enjoy more robust winter seasons, keeping the home heated at a sufficient level can be quite a challenge when trying not to break the bank on energy costs. There are a couple of different common methods used in radiant heated flooring today with the cost of installation and operation varying by the method being used and where you live.

Heated Flooring For Your Bathroom

There's not much you can do if you have a drafty, cold bathroom other than bringing in a portable heater to warm it up - or, you can add heated flooring instead. Portable heaters can be dangerous, especially in the bathroom where water and moisture are used. Not to mention, no matter how tiny the unit seems, the energy they use up can be costly if used regularly. If you'd like to warm up your bathroom, heated flooring is the way to go. Superior Heating and Air Inc. specializes in heated flooring installations, so when you're ready to improve your home and have more comfort and heating energy efficiency, give us a call.