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Superior is always training to keep up to date with the changing world we live in. One of the ways we do that is to acquire 3rd party certifications that prove we have what it takes and live up to the Superior name. Becoming BPI Certified is one of those ways.
Building Performance Institute or BPI is short for certified professionals that solve home and building owners’ trickiest problems. BPI offers certifications, standards, and programs that demonstrates advanced competency through rigorous written and field exams, and work experience prerequisites. For business, BPI enhances your offerings to meet the real needs of homeowners. BPI is the source for certified contractors working on home energy efficiency, comfort, durability, health, and safety. For more than 20 years, contractors have trusted BPI to set the standard for high quality energy efficiency diagnostic and installation work. Now we're extending that trust to the products and materials our contractors use daily.
As certified BPI professionals, we will be able to evaluate the energy efficiency, health, and safety of a home. We will use this in-depth knowledge combined with our state of the art diagnostic equipment and modeling software to identify areas for energy savings, produce an audit report, and develop a prioritized scope of work for you.
Superman doesn’t have anything on us, We have all the goodies at our finger tips, Inferred cameras to be able to act like Superman and see inside your walls, duct cameras to see inside ducts and other small crevices, a whole home Blower door machine to test the tightness of a home, Duct blasters for testing how well sealed duct work is, Flow hood for measuring air flow in and out of duct work and many more.

Energy Audit, What To Expect

During the energy audit, we can tell where your home is leaking out all your heated or cooled air. You can help by making a list of problem areas you already know about. Do you have drafty rooms? Condensation problems? Hot or cold spots? If so, be sure to let our heating contractor and air conditioning specialist know when we come out to do your energy audit. We'll also need to know the size of your home and what features it has in order to give you a proper analysis. We'll be taking into account the number and size of windows, walls, doors, etc. and will analyze the behaviors of all occupants. For instance, if doors are constantly being used, the problem could be that the air can't get cool in that area of the home. There's a lot that goes into improving the efficiency of a home, but with the help of our heating and air conditioning services company, you can expect maximum energy savings when you follow our recommendations.

Thermal Imaging During Energy Audit

All homes leak out a certain amount of energy through windows and doors. In fact, homes with older windows could be loosing up to 50% energy that's lost through the windows alone. Attic insulation could be missing or not sufficient for your home, so if the energy is traveling up and out of your home, fixing the insulation issues can make a huge difference. You don't want to be loosing your energy because you paid for it already. Your indoor air climate needs to stay indoors, not be leaked out through holes in your attic, crawl spaces, or duct work. Where there's a problem, our energy audit professional will find it with our state of the art equipment. Wouldn't you like to know where your home stands in terms of energy savings? Sometimes the fix can be as simple as weather stripping or adding draft protection, and you can rest assured our team will let you know.