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Our heating and air conditioning services team offer duct cleaning services to improve your indoor air quality. We can rid your duct work of all the pollutants, contaminants, dust, allergens, pollen, dirt, and grime. Have you taken a good look at the vents in your home? If the area around your vents are darkened with soot, it's time to call our duct cleaning experts! Air ducts should be cleaned every few years to ensure your home's ventilation system is providing you with clean air, and an air filtration system should be installed if you want to keep your air clean permanently. Maintaining your heating and air conditioning system does no good if your air ducts are left dirty. As the air is forced through the ductwork of your HVAC system, it will pick up all types of contaminants harbored there. Dirty air also reduces the efficiency of your air quality control system, too, because the dirty air is forced out through the ducts into your home after it was cleaned by the filtration system. When your air ducts are dirty, you'll have particles and contaminants blow throughout your entire home. Everything will be coated with the dust and pollutants.


Duct Cleaning Helps Your HVAC Equipment To Last

When dirty air is forced around your home, it also gets all over the mechanical parts in your heating and air conditioning systems. Your air system will get dirty quicker than normal when your ductwork is filthy. When dirt and grime coat the surfaces of your HVAC system, it accumulates and can cause failure for the mechanical parts. Cleaning up the HVAC system just isn't enough, the ducts need to be thoroughly cleaned as well. Poor Indoor air quality can be a major problem for homeowners. That's why so many choose air scrubbers, cleaners, or filter systems. Many homeowners don't even know or realize their air ducts are dirty. They just find they're having problems with their health and with having to dust all the time. If you or a family member has been having trouble with illness, it could be due to a dirty ventilation system. Superior Heating and Air Inc. can assess your home, HVAC system, and your ductwork if you're not sure whether or not your ducts need cleaning. You can always count on our air conditioning company to tell you the truth. Just call our number below and we'll take great care of you.