Compelling Reasons For Getting Regular Hilton Head Furnace Maintenance

What Happens in Hilton Head Heating Repairs
October 10, 2011
The Importance Of HVAC Maintenance in Your Hilton Head Home
October 19, 2011

Getting regular Hilton Head furnace maintenance assures homeowners that their heating system with be without problems during the cold winter months. Regular maintenance keeps furnaces from burning too much fuel, and ensures that carbon monoxide does not leak into your Hilton Head home.

Most furnaces are quite reliable, with few obvious mechanical problems. However, that reliability may be disguising the fact that certain components are not in harmony with the rest of the system. When components do not function correctly, homeowners lose money and energy efficiency. Regular maintenance helps to note those component problems, and to fix small issues, before they become more significant issues.

Clean furnaces are both safe and environmentally responsible. Furnaces which are not regularly maintained may be vulnerable to the production of carbon monoxide, which is an odorless but poisonous gas that may be deadly, if inhaled. Also, furnaces which are not regularly maintained consume more fuel, and release more greenhouse gases, causing both higher heating bills, and an increase in a home’s carbon footprint.

Some homeowners believe that oil additives will keep their furnaces clean. Oil additives do a number of jobs, isotretinoin online including preventing mechanical wear, and soot and deposit buildup. Additives, like detergents, may also prevent the buildup of rust and sludge in the oil tank. However, oil additives should not cause homeowners to extend the time between maintenance visits. Owners should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, which usually means scheduling maintenance once per year.

During a cleaning, the system will be shut down. Technicians will then clean the filter, and the combustion chamber. Also, technicians will check the flue pipe for leaks, because leaks may allow carbon monoxide to enter the home. Oil filters may be replaced, the floor vents cleaned, and the burner checked for efficiency.

In addition to furnace cleaning, homeowners should consider duct cleaning. Clean ducts will be free of mold, mildew, vermin, and debris, which may all cause pollution and blockage. If ducts are cleaned as part of the annual visit, homeowners should ensure that technicians use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, or a unit that exhausts outside of the home, to avoid the spread of allergens.

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