Hilton Head Heating & Cooling Package Systems

heating and cooling package systems hilton head scThe expert Hilton Head heating contractors at Superior Heating & Air Inc. can install or repair any type of air conditioning and heating system for you, including package systems. You may have or want or need a heating and cooling package system in Hilton Head, SC or the surrounding areas due to the fact that they save on space for your home. While the package systems are all in one units that save on space.

A package system for your home's climate control is an all-in-one heating and air conditioning system for homes which don't have the room for a furnace and coil or an air handler. The package system is installed on the roof or a slab at the side of a building and can be either small or large. Package systems can be operated by gas or electricity. Here are the types of package systems you can have installed in your Hilton Head home:

  • Gas/electric package systems will include the air conditioner, coil, and gas furnace
  • Package air conditioner systems include the air conditioner and air handler
  • Package heat pump systems consist of the heat pump and air handler
  • Dual-Fuel systems include a heat pump, coil, and gas furnace

Dual-Fuel package systems are great in any climate. This is your best option for homes that don't have room for the coil and furnace indoors. The gas furnace kicks on when temperatures are too cold. With the heat pump as part of the system, the rest of the year your home will be cooled by the heat pump.

Package heat pump systems are best for homes in areas that have mild winters where a gas furnace is not necessary because temperatures rarely drop below freezing. It is an all electric system so there's no need for messing with gas lines. Compare Package Heat Pump Systems

Package air conditioners are all electric heating and cooling systems that are best suited for areas that experience mild winters. Electric heat strips can be added to the air handler for added comfort.

Gas/electric package combine gas heating and electric air conditioning for homes in any climate. Keeping the heating on gas helps you with energy costs. Compare Package Gas Hybrid Systems

New Installation is Prime Time for the Right Equipment

heating air conditioning package systems charleston scThe weather in the Hilton Head and Charleston areas can be very hot and humid. With the right air conditioning, heating, duct system, and humidification equipment, your indoor air can be completely automatically regulated. New construction for Hilton Head homes is the most opportune time to get these indoor air control systems installed. Later, you may have to make space or borrow space from elsewhere to get it done and having it all installed new at the same time is optimal. Whether you're replacing your current heating and air conditioning package system or you need one installed new, Superior Heating and Air Inc. is the Hilton Head air conditioning company you want for your project.

If you need heating and cooling package systems in South Carolina or Georgia, please call 888-978-3525 or complete our online request form.