How To Improve Energy Efficiency For Hilton Head Homes

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There are ways you can beat down your Hilton Head energy bill so you can enjoy a nice cool home this coming summer. Energy prices fluctuate, but in general continue to rise. There are things you can do to make your home much more efficient on energy usage. Every Hilton Head area homeowner has opportunity to make their homes much more energy efficient. It only makes sense to do what you can to keep your treated air in your home instead of letting it seep through your windows, door cracks, walls, or attic and crawl spaces. Let our Hilton Head energy audits and efficiency tips help you.

Hilton Head Energy Audits

The first thing you’ll want to do is get an energy audit for your Hilton Head home so you can see where you need to improve the efficiency of your home. An energy audit in Hilton Head will check all major appliances including your heating and cooling systems. Drafty windows, old windows, missing door seals, missing or insufficient insulation, and more will be noted. The entire structure of your Hilton Head home will be assessed by our professional Hilton Head heating and air contractors during your energy audit. Your home will be given an overall rating that comes with a written report. Your energy audit report will make suggestions on how to make changes in your Hilton Head home to improve its energy efficiency. This report is useful for documentation needed for things like home energy efficiency improvement loans.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Options

Here are some ideas on how you can improve your Hilton Head home’s energy efficiency after your energy audit.

  1. Get replacement windows or thermal drapes for windows older than ten years old.
  2. If you don’t replace, be sure someone reseals your windows so there’s no cracks for energy to escape.
  3. Have your doors resealed where needed. Weatherproofing your Hilton Head windows and doors is key because this is where most treated air escapes.
  4. Have any missing insulation replaced and add insulation wherever needed.
  5. Make sure the outlets and switches, ventilation piping, and other such places are insulated properly.
  6. Replace any appliances that use too much energy.
  7. Plant a tree to shield your Hilton Head home’s direct sun areas.
  8. Consider using ceiling fans as they assist in air circulation in your home.
  9. Install a smart thermostat to better control your climate.
  10. Have an inspection of your duct system and HVAC system done and make sure you get tuneups and maintenance so it’s as energy efficient as it should be.

By improving the areas that your home wastes energy, you can make a huge improvement on your Hilton Head energy bill. You’ll also not be wasting the energy you pay for as it leaks out through windows, doors, or missing insulation areas. Superior Heating and Air Inc. is the Hilton Head air conditioning company that¬† can help you with your energy audit so you know what needs to be done for improvement.

If you’re interested in learning more about Improving your Hilton Head Home Energy Efficiency, please call (843) 682-2665 or complete our online request form.