Too Hot? Too Cold? Just Right in Hilton Head!

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November 28, 2011
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Everyone has probably experienced this annoying scenario: you wake up in your Hilton Head bedroom and it’s fiery hot. You then step foot in your bathroom only to find it feels like a sub-zero freezer. Then, you walk to the living room and it’s perfectly warm, but once you’re in the back den, you’re cold again. Is your HVAC system at fault? That’s most likely not the case. There are actually several contributing factors to your temperature “situation”.

First, know that inherently some rooms may be cold while others are warm. For example, kitchens and bathrooms tend to be cooler than the living room or master bedroom. Rooms that are too far from the furnace will suffer cooler temperatures. The same goes for rooms that have numerous windows or that have poor air circulation. Conversely, smaller rooms with fewer windows that are sealed more efficiently will be warmer. If you have a multi-level Hilton Head home, you’ll often find that each floor has its own temperature.

The good news is that the problem is relatively easy to fix and the problem is most likely not your HVAC system. This is where temperature zoning comes in. The purpose of temperature zoning is to allow several sections, or zones, of your Hilton Head home to have different temperatures based on your personal preference. You can break up a home into 2 or 4 different zones based on how large the house is. Each zone is then fitted with its own thermostat to ensure total control over that zone. What does that mean in layman’s terms? Basically, if you want to heat just your downstairs level and you’ve made that a zone, you can turn on the heat using that zone’s thermostat and you won’t have to heat upstairs unnecessarily. This is particularly useful when certain regions of the house are not used very often or are not used during certain parts of the day. Temperature zoning can actually save you a substantial amount of money on your monthly Hilton Head energy bills as well as HVAC repairs and maintenance over time. Beacause your HVAC system won’t constantly be straining to heat the entire house to the temperature set on the thermostat, it will only work when it needs to, and only on the zone it needs to.

If you have experienced any heating or cooling inconsistencies in your home, temperature zoning can be an energy-efficient, easy, and cost friendly solution to your problem. Call a Hilton Head heating and air conditioning expert to see what their recommendations would be for your home, based on its size, and soon you’ll be living in optimal temperatures all the time!

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