Which Hilton Head Heating System Is Better? Electric or Central

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August 31, 2011
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September 27, 2011

One of the commonly used heating systems is central heating system as it is widely used not only in the homes but in public buildings and offices as well. You would find this system running in geographical locations that fall under low climatic temperature category. As it is quite self-evident from its name, this type has a central source like a boiler or furnace which transfers heat to other parts of the building or house. As far as the fuel is concerned, it could be oil, natural gas, etc. There is a whole mechanism involved with the help of which the heat vapors are dispersed and the placement of radiator also has to be proper and appropriate.

Central heating system was basically introduced by Romans and in this regard it has gone a bit old. On the other hand, the electric one is revolutionary these days. There has been an ever increasing demand of these since its arrival in the market. So, what are the benefits which it offers more than central heating system? You do not have much control when we talk about central heating. On the other hand, you can exercise complete control over electric one in terms of setting temperature and such stuff. Another worth noticing advantage of electric heating is its cleanliness which cannot be achieved or maintained with the other type of system because of the fact that later one requires some sort of fuel like oil or gas as mentioned earlier while the former simply converts electrical energy into heat energy. Consequently, electric heating system is far simpler and easy to operate than the other system and in this regard you could have more convenience and comfort in using the one that runs on electricity. Another benefit of installing this is efficiency which cannot be achieved by the other system.

If you have used central heating system at any point of time you might have noticed that maintaining it could be quite costly. In addition, the installation process is quite painful. Moreover, the environmental factor gets totally ignored when using when you are using the one who does not operate on electricity. The one that uses the electricity is much safer and clean way of making your home warm. The only issue that remains with the electric heating system is the electricity costs. Your monthly electricity bills can certainly go up but even this factor could be mitigated since more green appliances and heating systems are available in the market these days.