How To Get Your Heating System Ready for Winter

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While it’s still hot at this time of year in Bluffton, fall is right around the corner. Fall is the time of year to prepare your heating system for the winter, so you can enjoy maximum efficiency and reliable heating for your Bluffton home.

Our long summer season makes it easy to forget about the heating maintenance, at least until the cold sets in. If you want to enjoy maximum efficiency and reliable operation from your Bluffton heating system this winter, here are a few things you need to do now to get it ready for peak performance.

Replace the Air Filters in Your Heating System


Air filters should be replaced once a month to keep particles and debris out of your heating system. While most standard HVAC filters only keep larger particles out of the equipment, they are a very important part of keeping your Bluffton heating system clean.

Once debris, dust, and grime build up inside your system, the machinery has to work much harder to keep your home heated. Make sure to change the filters and keep an eye on how well they seem to be working. You may need to start using a better HVAC filter if you don’t see much grime on the ones you are changing out.

  • Keeps heating system clear of debris
  • Increases energy-efficiency of your heater
  • Helps HVAC system to last longer
  • Removes air particles you would otherwise breathe

Test the Thermostat Before Heating Season

The last thing you want is to realize at the last minute that the thermostat doesn’t work right. Testing thermostat function is an important part of heating maintenance and should be done during the fall before you need to heat your home.

Now listen – it’s still hot out, so the following test can be awful to do yourself. You can get your thermostat tested by calling a Bluffton heating contractor like ours at Superior Heating & Air.

We use the appropriate testing tools rather than put you through more of the sweltering heat! To DIY, turn the heating system on and let it run for an hour. When the heater turns off from its cycle, you can test the air in the room near the thermostat to see if the temperatures match.

  • Calibrates thermostat for maximum energy-efficiency
  • Tests for proper location of your thermostat
  • Tests thermostat for malfunctions

The Fall Heating Tune-Up Maintenance for Maximum Reliability & Energy Savings

What your Bluffton heating system really needs is a professional heating tune up during the fall season. If you were to take a look at your owner’s manual, you’d see some pretty specific requirements about the maintenance necessary to keep the equipment’s warranty valid. Yet, even if the warranty period is over, the fall heating tune-up will offer you these benefits:

  • Prevent heating breakdowns
  • Prevent energy wastage
  • Lengthen the life of your heating system
  • Keep the indoor air you breathe cleaner

Fall heating tune-ups do not cost an arm and a leg, they are a very affordable preventative maintenance service in Bluffton. If even a reasonable cost worries you, it’s certainly understandable but just think of how hard that dirty heater would cost to fix because you neglected the fall tune-up maintenance!