The Real Importance of Heating Repairs for Your Home
November 18, 2014
Keep Your Heating & Cooling In Peak Performance
February 23, 2015

Pat, pat, pat, go her little toes on the floor as she runs along. Little feet make little sounds when they travel, and there’s nothing more adorable than that sound.

If you’ve ever been around a two year old, you’ll know what we mean when we say they couldn’t be more precious than at that age. If you have a little princess, then you know you’d do just about anything for her.

Having a child means a growing family that you love and want to provide for. You work hard to support and take care of your family, and you want to give them the best you can.

One way you could give them a little extra comfort, that you may not have considered, is to install heated flooring in your home. It’s a feasible idea for a home improvement project that will add value to your home while at the same time make it into a more comfortable space, especially the kitchen and/or bathroom areas.

Heated flooring can be installed just about anywhere in your home. The kitchen and bathroom are the most popular areas, but also many prefer to have the whole home done. It can be installed under carpeting, laminate floors, natural stone floors, ceramic or tile, hardwoods, or floating floors.

Advancements in technology have allowed the heated flooring to be installed under every type of floor. The heating element is so thin that it won’t affect the floor buildup, weight loads, or your flooring choices. It is an effective radiant heat source for new construction, remodeling and retrofit applications.

Radiant heat is a type of heat that transfers radiating warmth into an object. As the heat source heats up an area, the heat travels through objects which heats them up.

Air forced heat only heats the air to a certain degree that you set on the thermostat, but radiant heat heats the surfaces all around as well. So when you install heated flooring, that’s just what you get -a nice, warm surface for the little tootsies in your home.

Then you may hear your little one going; pat, pat, pat, “Ahhhhhhhh”! as she enjoys playing around with her toys on the floor.

Heated flooring is very safe and is manufactured to be self regulating so you never have to worry about it overheating. You can also control the temperature and lower it when needed.

The only damage can occur if you abruptly turn it on and off. Radiant heat should never be abruptly switched on and off because it can damage the wood fibers of real wood floors.

It will cause stress and fractures, gaps and twisting. However, if the system is used correctly, you should never have a problem with damaging hardwood flooring.

If you’ve been thinking about doing some improvements, heated flooring is the way to go. What better gift to give your little one and the rest of your family than to enjoy the warmth and comfort of some heat way down where the air is normally the coldest. If you’re tired of cold feet in the house, get heated floors and you and your family will be happy and comfortable for years to come.

Then when you hear the pitter patter of little feet, you’ll know you’re doing something special to keep her warm and safe.