Heating & Air Conditioning Glossary Terms

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Found in ductwork, this movable plate opens and closes to control airflow. Dampers are used effectively in zoning to regulate airflow to certain rooms.

Pipes or channels that carry air throughout your home.

Energy Star®
A program developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to reduce the nation's energy consumption. Energy Star® qualified heating equipment can be up to 15 percent more efficient than standard models. Energy Star-qualified cooling equipment can be up to 7 percent more efficient than minimum-standard equipment.

Brand name for the American Standard family of gas and oil furnaces.

Heat Pump
Outdoor unit that warms your home in winter and cools your home in summer.

HEPA filter
A High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing filter. A HEPA filter removes particles from the air by trapping them as air flows through.

Brand name for the American Standard family of heat pumps.

Heritage Hybrid™ comfort system
A home comfort system that combines a Heritage® heat pump with a gas furnace. For areas with colder temperatures, combining electric heating (heat pump) with gas heating (furnace) lets you choose from two fuel sources in order to respond to fluctuations in utility costs.

A device that adds moisture to dry indoor air during wintertime and in hot, dry climates.

The amount of moisture in the air. Variable speed systems can reduce this moisture for added comfort.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. Refers to the efficiency of the heating mode of heat pumps over an entire heating season. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit.

The classic acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Today, an HVAC system also includes air cleaning and moisture control.

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