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December 21, 2011
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December 29, 2011

Hybrid Heating Systems are a Growing Trend

The use of “Hybrid” Heating Systems is becoming a very common practice. With fuel prices acting like a ride at the county fair, (out of control and unpredictable) the installations of Hybrid, or Dual-Fuel Home Comfort Systems has increased dramatically. The Duel Fuel application allow you, the Hilton Head homeowner to have more control over¬† heating expenses by only using the most economical fuel choice when needed.

Home Comfort for the Energy-Conscious

For colder climates, a hybrid heating system, including a gas furnace, heat pump and coil, offers the flexibility of multiple fuel sources to establish and maintain a comfortable indoor environment with optimal energy efficiency.

What is Hybrid Heating?

Hybrid heating systems consist of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace that alternately work to maintain desired indoor temperature and humidity levels year-round. When moderate heating is required for your Hilton Head home, the system selects the heat pump as the most energy-efficient source of heat. On colder days, the system automatically switches to the gas furnace for more economical heating efficiency. Normal heat pump systems utilize electric resistance back-up heat strips that are very expensive to operate. By having the gas furnace in place of this electric heat, efficiency rises dramatically. During warm weather, the heat pump reverses its cycle and functions as a central air conditioner.

Reduce Energy Use and Save Money

A hybrid heating system provides:

o Enhanced year-round comfort due to more uniform indoor temperatures and humidity levels

o A choice of two fuel sources, which means greater operational efficiency

o The flexibility to respond to fluctuating energy prices by using the most economical fuel source (this can translate into lower Hilton Head utility bills when thermostats are set correctly)

Compared to a traditional furnace alone, a hybrid heating system may cost more initially. The reason for this is that heat pumps are normally slightly higher in initial cost then straight air conditioning, and the use of a high efficiency gas furnace in place of a standard air handler will also increase the price as well. And, because its greater operational efficiency translates into reduced energy use, the money saved each year on fuel costs can quickly make up for the extra initial investment.

Be Eco-Conscious

When installing a hybrid heating system, be sure to ask your Hilton Head heating and air conditioning specialist what type of refrigerant the heat pump uses. Opting for a heat pump with environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant is a great way to “Go Green” This chlorine-free refrigerant is better for the environment and transfers heat more efficiently. You ultimately will be saving money on your Hilton Head utility bill, while being environmentally conscience. What a great “two for one.”

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