Split System Gas / Hybrid Comparison Chart

Superior Air Super13American Standard SilverSuperior Air Super15American Standard GoldSuperior Air Super16 DHAmerican Standard Platinum

Efficiency in SEER1314151516 - 1716 - 17


Estimated savings over old System10%10%30%30%45%45%

Energy Star rated YesYesYesYes


Money Back Guarantee: If within the first year you are unsatisfied with your equipment or Superiors performance we will remove the equipment and credit you back your investment. 100%100%117%117%117%117%

Parts Warranty10 Year10 Year12 Year10 Year12 Year10 Year

Labor Warranty1 Year1 Year12 Year5 Year12 Year5 Year

On Time Guarantee: If we can't have your system installed within the number of days we agree on $200 Credit if late$200 Credit if late

Property Protection Guarantee: If we do not leave your home as clean as we found it. $200 Credit if not honored$200 Credit if not honored

Lifetime Ductwork Guarantee: We guarantee that any duct work we modify or replace will be free from defects for your lifetime or we will make the repair for FREE.

Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty: If your compressor fails during your lifetime we will give you a new compressor for free.12 Year12 Year12 Year

Lifetime Compressor Guarantee: If your compressor fails during your lifetime we will give you a new compressor for free.

24-Hour Guarantee: If you have a problem during the warranty period, we guarantee to have your system working again within 24 business hours or we will pay for you to spend the night in a hotel.

Performance Guarantee: With the use of proven proprietary 3rd party software we will test & certify that your new system is performing within its designed capacity.

10 Year Outdoor Unit Lemon Law Guarantee: If the compressor fails within the first 10 years, we will replace the entire outdoor unit with a new unit, for FREE.

Comfort Guarantee: We guarantee that your system will maintain 55% relative humidity or lower all year long.


Thermostat: Ecobee Remote monitoring Thermostat: When was the last time you had a conversation with your thermostat? Take control of your Comfort system from your smart phone, monitor and track energy consumption from your desk top. Have Superiors Air Concierge monitor system performance and call you when there is a problem.

Hybrid System: Combines the use of a heat pump for heating when it is most efficient to operate and will automatically switch to gas heat when it is too cold for a heat pump or a larger demand for heat is neededNon Hybrid

All aluminum evaporator coils

Steel louvered panels

Sea Coast Shield Technology

Rust proof emergency pan w/ multiple water safety switches

Variable speed indoor fan with comfort zone control

Noise and vibration canceling & control package

3 stage heating 2 stage cooling with perfect humidity control

Durabase™ base pan

All-Aluminum Spine Fin™ outdoor coil resistant cabinet

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