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August 13, 2014
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November 18, 2014

Allergy suffers commonly know that indoor air quality plays a major role in controlling allergies. There are several ways you can ensure better indoor air quality. Regular vacuuming of carpeting and upholstery should also be a part of the fight to alleviate allergy issues.

Equally important is to have the ductwork in the air conditioning system cleaned and maintained. Any filter should be regularly replaced according to manufacturer recommendations. HEPA filters are often installed and used for superior air cleaning, and may need changing or cleaning more often.

Allergies can be caused from the tiny, microscopic dust mites that live in the house dust. Allergies can not only cause obvious symptoms like runny or itchy nose, ears, and eyes, but also less obvious feelings of being tired or are experiencing a low-grade fever. They are no fun to live with.

Allergies can also be the cause of those reoccurring sinus or ear infections so many adults and children suffer from.

The air quality in your home is not really something you can just visually test, at least other than seeing the dust accumulation or floating particles. Dust mites can accumulate and live in your bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpeting.

Dust mites are the irritant that cause your sinuses to inflame and get irritated. They are too small and easily pass through regular air filtration systems. Special filters or air exchange systems need to be installed, and a regular cleaning of your duct work should be done if you want to truly get the upper hand on the causes of your or your loved one’s allergies.

This is why we recommend a thorough buy ambien online no prescription cleaning of your duct work and vent covers at least once a year, and the regular replacement of filters.

Installing an air filtration system can improve your air quality by cleaning as much as 99.98% of the unwanted allergens in your home.

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There’s no need to suffer from allergies when you can breathe cleaner air in your Hilton Head home. Installing an air cleaning system in your home will accomplish this. Cleaning out your duct work will also improve your air quality.

Superior Heating & Air Inc. can assist you with choosing an air cleaning system that best suits your needs. We can give you a free estimate for duct cleaning and installation of air filtration or air exchange systems for your home. Just give us a call!


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