New Construction Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

new construction heating and air conditioning installation Charleston, SC scAre you building a new home in the Charleston, SC or Charleston area? Or are you changing to a new central heating and air conditioning system for your current home? If so, our Charleston, SC heating and air conditioning installation experts can provide you with professional HVAC design and build services for your new construction project.

Superior Heating and Air Inc. is the Charleston, SC heating contractor and air conditioning company of choice for homeowners who know the job has to be done right. There is no job we won't handle, whether it's for a large commercial proeprty or a small home, located in Charleston, ,SC to Charleston, SC and all our service areas in between. Whether we are just helping you install new ductwork for a room or we're signaling a crane operator to set the 200-ton chiller on the roof for a commercial building, our HVAC installation experts are prepared and experienced to take on the project.

HVAC systems can include many other types of equipment. Heating systems, air conditioning systems, and air quality control systems can all be a part of the new construction installation. Smart technologies can also be integrated into the design plan to allow you to control and monitor your s air comfort systems remotely. There are a lot of options for air conditioning and heating installations in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas, and we'll be able to advise you on what's best for your unique circumstances. Whether you need to use an electric furnace, oil or gas furnace, central air conditioning system, split system, ductless system, or any number of other ways to heat and cool your home or business, our experienced Charleston, SC heating and air conditioning service contractors have you covered for new construction installations and conversions.

New Construction HVAC Options

With the split-system, you have low noise with high efficiency, which makes them very popular for new construction HVAC installations. This is the most common type of heating and air conditioning system installed in homes across the country. The outside condensing unit on today's superior models is very quiet and won't disturb your peace.

Heat Pumps are often installed regularly in climates with mild winters. The heat pump cools and heats your home via the transfer of heat into and out of your home by using refrigerant. Heat pumps transfer thermal energy instead of creating it, which requires less energy.

A furnace comes in models that use fuel like natural gas, fuel oil, or propane. Natural gas powered furnaces are the most common residential heating appliance. Propane is most often used in rural areas where natural gas isn't available.

Package units consist of an air handler and a condenser within a single unit. They are normally placed on roof tops where ground space isn't available or the unit can get damaged. Commercial buildings are usually fitted with this type of heating and air system.

So as you can see, you've got options when it comes to your new construction heating and air conditioning installation needs. You can rest assured Superior Heating and Air Inc. will provide you with expert quality service as well the best equipment available to suit your project and budget. From energy efficient air conditioner installations in Charleston, SC to ductwork design and heating installation in Charleston, ,SC, you can count on our company for all your HVAC needs.

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