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Avoid Geothermal Installation Pitfalls

We love geothermal – done right. Learn what to look out for here.

Combat Winter Skin in Hilton Head

Indoor heating is just one cause of dry, flaky skin. Find the fix here.

More Fit for Your Furnace

The right amount of heat in your Hilton Head home is very important: an oversized furnace can waste a lot of energy and a lot of your money in the process – and an under sized furnace will not be able to heat your home to the necessary level for you and your family to […]

Baby Wants a Disposable Electrostatic AC Furnace Filter

If you have a newborn, it is likely you have not given consideration to your furnace filter when thinking of your baby’s safety, but it is VERY important. The indoor air in most Hilton Head homes is much more polluted that the outside air. The EPA says that “….indoor air can be be more polluted […]

AFUE Explained

Flu-like Symptoms? Carbon Monoxide May Be the Culprit

Home Heating Fuel Options: How to Calculate Cost Difference

Have You Said Hello to Your Thermostat Today?

Duel Costly Fuel With Dual Fuel Systems

Hybrid Heating Systems are a Growing Trend The use of “Hybrid” Heating Systems is becoming a very common practice. With fuel prices acting like a ride at the county fair, (out of control and unpredictable) the installations of Hybrid, or Dual-Fuel Home Comfort Systems has increased dramatically. The Duel Fuel application allow you, the Hilton […]

There’s WHAT in My Hilton Head Indoor Air?

Ask most people about air quality problems, and they’ll look to the outdoors. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) called indoor air pollution one of the United States’ top environmental health concerns and has also recognized the need to improve indoor air quality.  Consult with your Hilton Head Heating and Air Specialist about improving the […]

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