4 Reasons To Get Your Ducts Cleaned

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A lot of people wonder if getting their home’s air ducts cleaned is worth it. For people with allergies or respiratory illnesses of any type, duct cleaning is probably a part of their regular yearly rooting because they already consider it very important for their health. For the majority of homeowners who may be new to the idea, it’s understandable to wonder.

When you get professional duct cleaning, and it’s done right, you would enjoy some pretty great benefits right away. The question really is what benefits it can provide for you and your family, and whether you’d want to make it a part of your yearly routine. Even trying it once could make a big difference for you in the following ways.

1: Helps to get rid of air pollutants you can see

Have you ever looked in the direction of a window or glass door in your house and noticed the light shining on all the floating dust particles? If you shook a blanket out against that natural light, you’d see tons of dust flung off into the air.

It’s easy to forget about all that dust you could see, especially since we spend most of the time in normal lamp-light, and don’t go around shaking out blankets and pillows. Duct cleaning helps to reduce those air pollutants you can see when the daylight hits just right.

What you may not know is that dust is made of mostly human and animal dander that also has some other contaminants embedded in it.

2: Gets rid of pollutants and contaminants you can’t see

Duct cleaning removes the pollutants and contaminants from the air duct system as well as certain parts of your HVAC equipment. This enclosed system contains a certain amount of moisture, so it can be a place where mildew might grow if the conditions are right inside.

Leaks and HVAC problems can lead to the right conditions for mold and mildew to multiply, as well as bacteria and viruses to more easily spread.

Since air ducts are hidden, you can’t tell what’s inside. During a professional duct cleaning, we do sometimes find other undesirable things we can see such as insects and vermin feces – even clothing, shoes, food, and trash.

3: Cuts down on the house dusting chores

Because duct cleaning removes the buildup inside your air ducts and keeps it from recirculating around your house, all the dust particles floating in the air (that you can and can’t see) are reduced as well.

Guess what that means? You got it, it helps cut down on the dust all over your house. There’ll be less dust to shake out of the pillows, less dust buildup on the lamp shades, ceiling fans, light fixtures, knick-knacks, and furniture.

4: Helps to improve your home’s heating efficiency

Since buildup inside the ducts is removed, the air flow inside the HVAC system is restored. Any type of buildup or blockage creates a backdraft, making the air flow back to the equipment. The backflow makes your heater use more energy to force the warm air into your house.

Also, during the duct cleaning process, we sometimes find leaks. If identified, it can help the homeowner to know what to repair to increase their home’s energy efficiency.