About Us

Our Hilton Head air conditioning and heating contractors have installed HVAC systems since 1999 in Hilton Head and Bluffton. We offer more than 50 years of experience in this field and we are fully licensed and insured up to and over the cost of the home we are working in. We are held accountable for our actions by a third party that surveys each and every one of our customers. This affiliation is called Customer Care and we are currently the only Dealer in the area with this credential. Even with our great score we still boast: "97% Customer Satisfaction and we are still not Satisfied" attitude.

Our service department never closes and only employs the finest technicians. Some of our technicians hold the highest certification referred in the industry as "NATE Certified" . All of our employees are drug tested for ours and your safety.

Our Guarantee

When it comes to customer satisfaction we feel we are the industries best and we do so with a 117% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services and feel you shouldn't pay then we will refund 117% of your investment. On replacement installs we honor the same guarantee but will ask for the equipment back.

Our Technology

We use the most innovative technology and installation practices to design your home comfort systems that gives you the most comfort for your energy dollar, today tomorrow and for the life of your system.

About the Owner

The autobiography of David Frank Miller.

I am not sure where to start. Anyone who knows me understands i am not a writer so i take on this task the way a youngster takes on home work....

My journey takes place in October 1978 in land far far away also know as New Jersey. Yup i am a Jersey boy and maybe the only one who says Y'all! Sad but true. I grew up on a ski mountain in a little town called Vernon New Jersey. I spent those years with my older brother and sister skiing almost every day. I grew to love snow skiing and got pretty good at it. Something i miss to this day and wish i had time to do more of it. I would literally get off the school bus and hit the slopes until i had to come home for dinner. During these years my parents, Russell & Jacqueline, had me enrolled in a catholic school, yup taught by nuns. I guess i am getting old because those nuns still wore habits back then. For those of you that don't know what a habit is then i am not talking to you... Over the years i have become cynical to religion but regardless still feel that growing up under those ethics turned me into the man i am today. Without the strict nature of that type of schooling and parents who cared about what i did, where i was and who i was friends with allowed me to make the right choices growing up. Helped me become the hard worker I am today.

A few years before i turned 15 my parents and I would make trips to Hilton Head on vacation. Then it happened. My dad got the golfing bug and that was it. Right before i started high school we were on the move to Hilton Head. No more catholic school for me, i was off to Hilton Head High. Did i like high school, not really. it was tough fitting in as i was not used to being in a class with more then 15 kids. The freshman class had more kids then my entire K-8th grade school back in New Jersey. In high school i did just enough to get B's & C's... I probably could have done better but did not see the motivation. I liked sports and that is all i wanted to do. I tried football but got my butt kicked and after the first year decided not to go back to football. I liked football, i was fast, one of the fastest and man i could catch.... It was the hitting that got to me. I was maybe 125 LBS soaking wet in those days. A late bloomer to say the least. I got my butt handed to me and could not hit back. So what did i do.... Turned to track and field. Running is boring but then off in the distance i saw something crazy. It was the pole vault pit. I was hooked. Hilton Head high did not have a pole vault coach so i was sort of self taught with the help of a Senior who was pretty good. By time i was a senior myself i had become lower state champ and then second place in state, I choked in the finals. I loved to pole vault and also wish i could still do it. Every once in awhile i think about it and how i would do if i tried it at this point in my life. I think i am fit enough to do it but feel i have a new regard to self preservation that would keep me from getting off the ground again. High school is also where i was no longer called David by my friends and now referred to as Dave. I like the name David but much to my moms dismay i was now "Dave". Nowadays only my immediate family calls me David. During my time in high school my parents were not allowing me to have a free ride. They had to teach me the facts of life and basically said if you want things you will be paying for them. So i was off job hunting. I got a job at Hilton Head Ice cream which is still around today. I learned a lot from my boss there. I loved work. I got to make home made ice cream, deliver and serve it. I like the delivering the most, in fact the company delivery truck is where i learned how to drive a stick shift.

From High School i had to decide what to do. I had no idea what i wanted to be so i tried collage. I did not care where i went so what did i do? I picked the school that was known for the most fun, far enough away to be away from the family but not to far that i could not drive home on the weekends if i wanted to. Plus its where a few of my friends were going. I enrolled in Georgia Southern. I hated it. It was what i thought i wanted: Up at 10 am, school for 3 hours, gym then out to party till 3am and back up at 10 to do it again. After about a year i figured out this was not really what i wanted so i dropped out. Probably the only thing i had ever quite. I only got one good thing out of collage and that was puberty. I told you i was a late bloomer, my first year of collage i started going to the gym and started growing. Put on over 30 pounds in that year and became a young man. That was great and all but still had no idea what i wanted to do with my life. So now i am on my way home from collage back to live with the parents. They were not too thrilled as they just became empty nesters. So what do they do? "Well David we love you but you have 6 months to figure it out and move out, we are not a hotel". Harsh, right? Well if it was not for that motivation i would not have had any motivation so the quest for what to do begins. So what do i do? I decide to work for my dad. He is a local home builder with Estate Builders and building seemed like it was something i could learn. So i spent the next year or so working for him and learning all the trades. How did it go? Working for dad was no fun, he was tough and we would butt heads because i was young and knew everything already! So now what? This is where the story of Superior Heating & air starts. At this point i am 20 years old and have a few years experience in the building industry and decide that HVAC is what i want to do. Do i know enough to start my own business? No! But i am good at taking tests... So off to the state board for a few Licenses & certifications. I spend a few months studying and pass the Commercial & Residential Building exam. With the few years working with my dad and the newly acquired license I am now one of the youngest commercial contractors in the sate! pretty cool but i would not trust me to build a 20 story building on the beach, i say that because that was my license limitation. However i was not passing the test to become i builder i just wanted to have it under my belt for the future. So now i was off to take my state mechanical license, passed it as well. So now i am sort of ready to get my business on. Still young and dumb i had only drive and ambition to push me. At this point i decided i better enlist the help of someone who knows what they are doing. I found a HVAC guru. He had worked for my dad for many years doing all the new heating & air condition systems for his houses and was well know around Hilton Head. His name was George Lee. I idolized George. He was and still is a great man and all of his customers loved him. I would refer to him as the air conditioning whisperer. He could fix anything and he did. So in 1999 we started our quest together as Superior Heating & Air. We were a great team, we both learned from each other. This relationship lasted for about 5 years or so. At this point George wanted to do his own thing solo and we went our separate ways. I owe a lot to George and thank him everyday for what he taught me. We still talk from time to time and i would like to think he feels the same way about our relationship. So since '99 its been a battle to grow Superior into a large company and still maintain a small company feel. Have we succeeded in that? Some days.. lol. Superior started out as a $3,000 loan and a truck from my parents in 1999. I paid back that $3,000 in the first month with Georges help, we kept the truck, sorry dad! We Still have that truck today. So in 1999 two men and a truck is now 20 plus trucks and over 25 team members strong. If you had no idea then my goal of a small company feel is working... We now have expanded to Charleston and the sky is the limit. We now brand our own line of equipment and are striving to be number 1!

What would a portrait of myself be without my personal life? Well i did not have one until 2013. Prior to 2013 i was still young, dumb and a bachelor on a mission to say that way. But in Dave Miller fashion that all changed and fast. In 2013 my son Mason was born. I was now all "growed up", i had a son and i will tell you what the poor little guy looks just like me and acts just like me. Things did not work out with me and Masons mom but we were able to work out 50/50 custody so i get to have him all the time! But you are still wondering about this "Dave fashion" business i mentioned above. Well shortly after Mason was born i rekindled my Love with my now Wife Nicole. We were married in November of 2013. And then came Jackson & Maddison in the baby carriage! yes that's right twins! In July of 2014 we were blessed with a health baby girl and boy. So if you are doing the math, Single in 2013 and married with 3 kids under the age of 2 by July of 2014. Holy crap, right? That is in Dave Miller fashion... if you are going to do it do it at 150%! So that is where i leave off. Life happened and now the new chapter begins.....

Written in September of 2014


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