Customer Care Maintenance Memberships

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Sick of worrying about your home when you are not there? Tired of paying for expensive heating & air conditioning repairs? Well now say goodbye to both with one of Superior’s new Air Concierge Memberships. Put your mind at ease knowing that whether you are at home or away, your HVAC system’s performance is being monitored 24/7. Enjoy the convenience of being a mouse click away from adjusting temperatures or being notified in case of a system failure no matter where you are.

When you are an Air Concierge Member, not only can we adjust and monitor the comfort levels in your home, business or vacation retreat by simply logging onto the internet, but your systems yearly maintenance check ups and service repairs are also included. The Air Concierge includes an updated thermostat and a host of other options that help you keep tabs on comfort levels, system usage, dirty filters, power outage, and more in your home. This means that you can have us monitor your home’s HVAC systems daily to prevent problems and speed up response time. In short, complete peace of mind!

Options at Your Fingertips

Remote Access
Superior Heating & Air will have 24/7 access to your homes HVAC system. We will be able to monitor alerts, check system status, change temperatures, even set temperature limits.

Smart Phone App
Down load our exclusive app and not only can we monitor your comfort system but you can too? Also allowing you to check, change & monitor change temperatures from anywhere right from your smart phone.

Access To Local Weather Forecast
Now have streaming weather forecasts sent right to your thermostat.

Emergency Condition Notification
While on our program, we will receive instant notification when there is a problem in your home such as a temperature swing that could indicate a heating / cooling failure or alerts indicating potential for property damage.

Dispatch Help Immediately
The Air Concierge will immediately notify Superior Heating & Air for repair service after detecting an emergency condition.

Multiple Alarm Priorities
 The Air Concierge will notify Superior Heating & Air differently based on the severity of the situation.  Such as: Dirty Filter; System Performance; High/low room temperature (Indicating possible system failure); High/low outdoor temperature; Energy consumption; Water Detection; System lockout; Power outage; Humidity; plus more!

Easy Configuration and Access
The Air Concierge replaces “squint and curse” programming with user friendly “point and click” programming.

Repair Protection

In our on going effort to keep customers happy and repair & energy bills down we have created “Repair Protection”. The repair protection feature is an available option that is included in our Full Service and Air Concierge Memberships. The name says it all. While a qualified full service or Air Concierge Member you will not pay for any heating or air conditioning repairs or check ups.

Yearly Customer Care Membership Terms & Conditions

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